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Sandwich of falafel with balls

Falafel Sandwich

Comes in a regular (5 balls) or small (3 balls, smaller pita) and you get to load it up with amazing 22 toppings and sauces!

Image of a Cone of Fries at the Amsterdam Falafelshop

Frieten (Fries)

Double-fried, and you select the dipping sauces. Curried Ketchup, Fritesaus, Peanutsaus.

Regular Size Bowl of Falafel

Falafel Bowl

Can’t do gluten? Try a bowl. Choose how many balls, ask for an extra pita if you wish...

Catering Platter from Amsterdam Falafelshop

Large Order

On lazy-susan platters, you can have these lovely trays of beautiful salads for your office or home parties! Just order for delivery or pickup.

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