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“Amsterdam Falafelshop preps for franchising” read full story
“Soon you can grab a falafel from Amsterdam Falafelshop without being in the District. The popular Adams Morgan restaurant recently filed paperwork to become a franchise...” read full story
Jan 2013 Weekend Section: 40 Top Dishes...” view full story
Dec 2011 Weekend Section: 40 Top Dishes...” download PDF  or   view full story
July 2010 Going Our Gurus: “I’d rather go here than anywhere...” view review
Mar 2008 A Taste for Continental Currency” view review
Aug 2005 Metro: Adams Morgan Acquires Late-Night Jones... view article
Dec 2004 Editor's pick: Tom's Sietsema's Bites to Remember view article
2013 Best Cheap Eats Washington DC” read full story
“Amsterdam Falafelshop, the Adams Morgan eatery with a cult following, is going to start selling franchises.” read full story
“The fixin's bar will blow your mind and offer you 10 million ways to eat a falafel.” view review
2009 Best Buy, Best Middle Eastern
2010 Best Buy, Best Middle Eastern
2011 Best Buy, Best Sandwich, Best Middle Eastern and a 26 Food Rating!
2012 AND AGAIN!!! Best Buy:Best Bang for Buck, Best Buy:Quick Bites, Best Middle Eastern and a 26 Food Rating!
“jazzed up with myriad toppings” view review
“Amsterdam Falafelshop's popularity makes it hard to get a table but after one bite... you won't mind” view review
“Best of 2011 - Fries and Late Night Bites”
view review
“Voted Number One by readers throughout the DC Area...!”
view review
Local Awards for Favorites!
“If vision is still clear even after downing numerous Obama-themed drinks as per above instructions, read and follow the note on "How to Enhance Your Falafel Experience, Love, Your Falafellers.”
view review
2009 A D.C. Club Guide for Inaugural Weekendy
“A small space with a tiny but affordable menu” view review
“...Eat cheap, Israeli-style sandwiches at Amsterdam Falafelshop...”
view review
“Amsterdam Falafelshop is looking at opening more than 100 locations over the next seven years."
read full story
“Amsterdam Falafelshop Is Finally Ready to Take Over America"
read full story
“…their condiments bar, this gleaming counter overflowing with glorious toppings…" view review
2008 Best Falafel  view review
2009 Best Food When You Pay  see award
2008 Best Drunk Food  see award
2012 Best Late Night Eats  see here
2012 Best Restaurant When You Pay see here
“Stuff your falafel to the brim with salad, cucumbers, and tzatziki…”
2006 Dirt Cheap Eats  view review
“always packed Amsterdam Falafelshop." view review
“smashing chickpeas..." view review
“encourages customers to smash the falafel balls" view review
“This is the best Falafel I've ever had and baby I've eaten falafel in some strange places.” view review

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