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Every small business grows only through the support of its community, loyal customers, family and friends. Our investors, supporters and guests have been all of that to the Amsterdam Falafelshop, and for that we thank each of you.


Inspired by the falafel shops throughout Amsterdam, founders Scott and Arianne Bennett have brought the exciting flavors of Europe and the Middle East first to Washington DC, then the Greater Boston Area and Dallas, Texas. Believing that food can be both quick and delicious, the Bennetts have set out to perfect the Falafel Experience.

As soon as you walk into the Falafelshop, you smell the spices and hear the sounds that thousands upon thousands have enjoyed before you. After ten years of crafting their trade, they are bringing the best falafel to you in each of their shops.

Need to reach the founders on email?

Scott Bennett, Chairman of the Board
Arianne Bennett, President and CEO

Have questions? Give us a call!  Drop us an email!
Corporate Office & Franchising: 202-468-6489
General Inquiries: info@falafelshop.com

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