Everything Falafel: One of the World’s Oldest Superfoods

If you love eating falafel, you would easily describe it as a delicious, filling, comfort food.  For some, it is a flavor that transports them back to their childhood home, for others, it is a newly discovered flavor in their city- – but either way, falafel holds a special place in the hearts of millions across the world.

But do you know why it is so satisfying? Did you know that falafel is a collection of superfoods in a delicious mobile-meal?

  1. Chickpeas are high in fiber: fiber is great for all the parts of our body we typically don’t want to talk about online… but know that your body needs fiber, and you are the only one who can provide it! Make good choices, and your body will love you back! Some studies even show that chickpeas help to lower your blood sugar.  A great by-product: you feel satisfied for longer, making it easier to get through your day.Chickpeas also have iron, phosphate, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K! These are all important to bone health. Bones! We all need bones, right? So keeping them in good health at every stage of life is critical, and in that goal, falafel is again your friend!Potassium! You need it. It’s going to help your blood pressure, and it counters all the salt you put in your body every day!

    High fiber, vitamin C and B-6 are so important to heart-health. We all want to live longer and keep our hearts working strongly to support all the fun stuff we want to do- – without our hearts, we can’t go on! SO, paying attention to giving it the nutrition it needs is our job! (who knew our favorite food was also helping us love our own hearts?)

    Selenium! Do you know what it is? It’s a trace element that is not found in many foods, but is found in chickpeas.  How lucky for us! It helps with cognitive function, a healthy immune system, and yes: fertility!

  2. Parsley! Fresh parsley (which you will find a lot of falafel toppings and in the falafel itself), is an often overlooked superfood, but is chock full of: vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin A, and folic acid as well as iron, calcium, and magnesium.  Who would have thought so much could be packed into our little leafy friend?
  3. Garlic, oh, garlic! We LOVE US SOME GARLIC! Alone or together, we are doing it. We don’t care! Smell us! We LOVE garlic!! And, whoa! it’s so so good for us!  It has a significant impact on our blood pressure, it has high nutrition and a low calorie count, and in high enough doses, a positive effect on supporting our immune system. Garlic has been shown to reduce our LDL cholesterol levels, which supports our cardiovascular system.Researchers are studying how garlic may help reduce the the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.And garlic tastes great with the chickpeas, the parsley, and all the superfoods you are packing into your delicious falafel sandwich!
  4. Onions are in your falafel too, and guess what they bring? Calcium, potassium, vitamin C and folate. Some studies have shown anti-cancer benefits in onions come from the sulfur compounds, onions and garlic contain a wider variety of health-enhancing sulfur compounds when cooked.We have heard a lot about Calcium (bone strength), potassium and vitamin C… but what is FOLATE? It’s folic acid. It’s really important for your body! It is so important that the US makes sure that folic acid is added to cereal, and this addition has been a vital method of maintaining proper folic acid levels in our population.  But you can get it naturally in onions! (and in chickpeas too!)
  5. SPICES! Don’t forget the spices! Did you know that cumin is incredible for digestion, for keeping your blood sugar stable, and is a great source of iron, vitamin A and C, all of which are great for your immune system. Corriander aids in regulating blood sugar… and who doesn’t need that?

Superfoods! Everything that goes into a falafel ball is naturally a great food for your body! Let go of any guilt when you build that great falafel sandwich!

You haven’t had one? Don’t hesitate! Try how delicious falafel is, and celebrate the great things you are doing for your health and future.

(And let us know how much you loved your falafel if you are a first-timer!)

#FalafelLove to you all!

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